What Can I Expect During Worship?

Visiting a new church, or re-connecting after a long while, can be an uncomfortable, and often confusing, experience. We’ll work hard to make you feel welcome and to make your worship experience fulfilling. We have folks that will greet you as you arrive, and are able to assist you.  As you enter the sanctuary, our helpful volunteers will offer you a weekly bulletin that outlines the service, and the songs selected for that day, as well as the scripture readings. Here are answers to a few more questions that may help you decide whether to come for a visit.

What kind of church are you?

Silver Lake United Methodist Church is part of the larger United Methodist denomination. Each of our members and visitors is on a faith journey of some sort.  Many are mature in their faith while others are just beginning that journey … and we know that God meets us wherever we are on that journey. For a deeper understanding, please check out our beliefs tab, by clicking here.

What music do you play or sing?

Each worship service includes one or two congregational hymns from the Methodist Hymnal or from the more contemporary Faith We Sing and Worship & Song songbooks, accompanied by the piano or organ, and also some guitar, keyboard and drums. About once each month on different Sundays our bell choir join in the worship service.  The bell choir is made up of all age groups and always welcome new members to join them. Also, there are times when a special musical offering is provided by individuals and groups that wish to share their musical gifts with our community.

What should I wear?

Wear what makes you comfortable and dress as who you are. Members and friends of our congregation come from all walks of life and you can see it in the way we dress. We believe that God cares more about the state of our hearts than the state of our attire, and encourage you to dress the way that feels most appropriate to you.

Will I have to stand up and introduce myself?

No. Understanding that this makes most folks uncomfortable, we don’t ask visitors to introduce themselves during the worship service. You’ll find a Welcome Center in the foyer where you can ask questions after your visit.

Do I have to become a member of the church?

Only if you want to. Throughout the year we offer membership classes for those who want to make the commitment to join the church as a member. When you decide to do this you are asked during a worship service membership rite, to commit to supporting the church by your prayers, your presence, your gifts, your service and your witness.

If you celebrate communion do I have to partake?

We celebrate communion one Sunday a month as part of the worship service. The Methodist Church has an open communion tradition in which anyone who seeks to be in a relationship with God is welcome at the table, but if you’d rather not receive communion, that’s fine. If you have trouble getting around, the communion servers will bring the communion elements to you.

Can I bring kids to the service?

Yes, infants and kids of all ages are welcome. For the younger children there is a Children’s Time, early in the service, where the children are invited to come forward if they wish, and they interact with a message that dovetails nicely with the day's scripture reading and sermon. There is also Nursery available if you would so desire to use that option.

Do you pass an offering plate?

Yes, an Offering of financial gifts is a formal part of the worship service, normally accompanied by some special music. But if you are unable or not inclined to offer a gift you may just pass the plate along to your neighbor. Some members prefer to offer their gifts through an automatic payment that can be arranged through our office.

Does your service include Bible readings?

Yes, there is always a scripture reading, and it may come from the Old Testament or the New Testament, or both.  Our readings come from the New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) of the Bible.

Does your service include a sermon?

Yes, the worship service includes a 15-20 minute message, normally delivered by our pastor. The message is scripture-based and ties in with the morning Bible readings.

Do you baptize people?

Yes, at any age. For those who are at that place in their faith-journey and ready to accept Jesus Christ as their personal savior, the Methodist Church has a formal baptism rite, normally conducted as part of a worship service. In the Methodist tradition, the baptism ritual is conducted by the pastor and includes placing a small amount of water from the baptismal font onto the head of the person being baptized.

Do you say the Lord’s Prayer in worship?

Yes, we recite the Lord’s Prayer during the Pastoral Prayer portion of the service, along with Prayers of Joy or Concern taken from prayer cards received from worshipers.  The Lord's Prayer is printed in the bulletin, as well as projected on the screen in the front of the sanctuary.

Is there Sunday school?

Yes, there are Sunday School opportunities for children through adults at 9 am.

Can I come just for Sunday worship, or could I get involved in other activities?

You can be as involved as your time and energy and inclination allow.  There are a variety of ways you can become involved, as our church thrives on the many gifts our members and visitors extend to serve.  All are welcome to participate in building the Kingdom Christ came to proclaim, and strive to live out the command to love one another, 'on earth as it is in heaven'.   We welcome your visit and future participation.  If you have any other questions, feel free to fill out the contact form on our home page.